HEB Just Peachy

I love HEB.  When I lived in Florida for a short stint I loved Publix.  I thought that a grocery store couldn’t get any better than Publix and wished that Texas would be graced by their company.  I moved back to Texas and a few years passed with no Publix in site.  Instead HEB’s started to become a bit more commonplace around me.  Larger, nicer stores, good prices, quality store brand, friendly staff, and they just kept improving.  HEB is now my favorite grocery store and it makes me proud to say that they’re from Texas as well.  

I say all this… well I’m not sure why I did.  Perhaps it was the recent hurricane (we were incredibly fortunate here at The Soda Jerks headquarters) where HEB stepped up and helped those in need, or maybe I just felt I needed to say it.  I’m not sure why that first paragraph exists, just know that it’s true.

Peachy Keen, Iguana Bean

Anywho, this review will be Just Peachy… HEB’s Just Peachy peach soda that is!  Just Peachy is cane sugar sweetened as most if not all of the HEB brand limited edition sodas are.  The other ingredients aren’t really noteworthy, but I’m expecting a big peach taste not unlike Big Peach.

The aroma is peachy pungent.  It smells somewhere between an actual peach and a gummy peach ring.  When it comes to peach soda I’m ok with a little sugary nonsense, but hopefully this doesn’t go overboard with the sweetness.

Good on them.  My first sip delivered better than expected.  Initially the flavor seems a bit muted so I was a little afraid the soda was going to be a let down.  Thankfully once Just Peachy hit the back of my throat that theory was tossed out on its ear.  My smellometer was correct in sensing that gummy peach aroma.  The secondary taste is definitely candied, but not overly sweet as I had imagined it being.  

Texture wise it’s a very smooth soda with only a small cluster of bubbles at the end, creating just the right amount of sizzle.  There is minimal syrupy mouthfeel which can partially be attributed to the cane sugar.  All in all it’s a very enjoyable treat.  Take that sentence quite literally.  Just Peachy is a treat, not something I’d regularly pair with food.  Of course that’s just my opinion, but it’d be unbelievably creepy if I started typing your opinions on this site.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at HEB