bai - Lambari Watermelon Lime

“Unexpected, but sweet.  Like a water balloon fight with your grandma.”

Twist isn't supposed to be on the scratching post, then again he's not supposed to do a lot of things.

In a font the same size as the flavor of the drink, that’s what the makers of Bai - Lambari Watermelon Lime want you to know about their beverage.  This stylish black can with minimalistic design caught my eye at the store.  According to the can it’s not a soda it’s a “sparkling antioxidant infusion”.  You’re a non-alcoholic, carbonated, flavored beverage; that’s a soda in our book.

The smell of this sparkling antioxidant infusion (see, it’s dumb) is that of a women’s shampoo.  Don’t mistake that for me saying it smells poor, but it does indeed smell like one.  I can’t be the only person who has smelled a shampoo before and thought “hmm, if this was edible I’d certainly give it a chance.”  That said, this is edible and I will indeed give it a chance.

That is one of the lightest fizzes I’ve ever experienced.  I had to check the ingredient list to make sure it said “carbonated water”.  Flavor wise both the watermelon and lime are represented, though I’m still reminded of haircare products as I consume it.  I’d say watermelon is the dominant of the two tastes, it’s on the stronger side of subtle.  This of course places the lime on the weaker side which is disappointing to me as that’s a favored taste.  Since watermelon juice is used within this product (1% juice) the taste is very natural and quite refreshing.

I was surprised to see that this was sweetened with stevia.  There is no aftertaste that makes me give pause before reaching for the can again.  Additionally, they use white tea extract which I can taste a little on the backside of each sip.  Perhaps slight bitterness of the tea is what’s covering the stevia or possibly folks are just getting better at using it as a sweetener.  

Even though it does remind me of a scented shampoo I drank the entirety of the can with ease.  It’s not my favorite soda, but I wouldn’t balk at another can if it were offered to me.  With a strong lineup of ingredients and a total of 5 calories I’d be happy to suggest Bai - Lambari Watermelon Lime to any of y’all who like this kind of drink.  To those of you looking for a fruit soda this isn’t for you, but if you’d read the can you’d have seen that it’s a “sparkling antioxidant infusion.

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This was purchased from my local HEB