Melba's Fixins Sweet Tea

Sweet tea soda.  That’s what I’m drinking.  It’s a beverage by Melba’s Fixins and according to the ingredients there doesn’t appear to be any tea in this bottle at all.  Just Melba’s kind face smiling down upon a porch which overlooks a cornfield.  It’s a little odd, but so’s the brand.  

Twist used to live in a cornfield. 

Melba’s Fixins Sweet Tea soda is thankfully sweetened with “Pure Cane Sugar” as any tea should be.  It also has some delicious modified food starch and caramel coloring to boot.  Honestly though, I bought this because I thought “How could carbonated sweet tea be bad?”.  I figured this soda would be a guaranteed score for me.  Here’s hoping I was right.

It smells like a handful of coins so I’m not exactly sure I made the right decision anymore.  Now that I’m doubting myself I’m wondering if this “sweet tea” will have the proper lemon flavoring.  Not everyone makes their sweet tea with lemon, but anyone who makes it right sure does.

What have they done?  What I thought was a can’t miss has turned into a questionable purchase at best.  The initial taste makes me think of a glass of sweet tea filled halfway with nickels.  This metallic taste is unwelcome in my mouth, but I’ll trudge on anyway because I have faith in carbonated sweet tea.

I’m five sips in and the metallic taste is wearing off… or I’m getting used to it.  If my mouth were a cult member it would be getting brainwashed right now.  Still unsure of what to truly believe, but maybe shacking up with a bunch of guys wearing the same clothes isn’t a bad idea after all.  

Even though I’m getting used to what Melba fixed me I’m not sure I’d pick up another bottle of this.  Metallic taste aside this tea is overly sweetened in my opinion.  It would also benefit with some lemon, but I figured this would be true prior to tasting it.  All in all it’s ok, but I won’t be buying it again.

Verdict - Buy a bottle


This was purchased at a Shell Gas Station