Lucky Cherry Cola

Cat still looks worried about what's occurring.  Twist remains unfazed.

Thanks to the Excel Bottling Company I’m able to try another soda that’s new to my palate.  While I’ve tried Lucky Club Cola I haven’t had the opportunity to try Lucky Cherry Cola.  Lucky Cherry Cola is a pure cane sugar soda that has “True Fruit & Spice” listed as an ingredient.  I don’t know what that means, but it sure seems impressive.

The liquid inside this clear 20oz bottle appears to be a nice mahogany.  Showing off the red coloration of the cherry is always a smart move in my book.  It allows your taste buds to ready themselves for the adventure ahead.

Aromatically (10 dollar word) this is a cherry cola through and through.  The scent is easily split between the two flavors.  Here’s hoping that the taste will be equally halved and easily enjoyed.

Aside from the surprising lack of carbonation, Lucky Cherry Cola has a pleasant taste.  If I had to pick a winner I’d say that cherry just beats cola in terms of the dominant flavor.  The finish reminds me of a homemade cherry cola, with a hint of cherry syrup moving to the forefront at the last moment.

Cola wise it’s a little weak, but still enjoyable.  If I could personally change two things it’d be for the cola taste to be just a little stronger and for the fizz to follow suit.  That said, I review sodas for a hobby and Excel Bottling successfully sells them for a living.  Not saying I’m not right, just that there could be a lot more going on than we’re aware of.

This is a decent cherry cola and one I would pick up again.  If you find yourself with the opportunity to buy, go for it.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was supplied to me by the Excel Bottling Company.