Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar

There’s an issue I’ve been tip-toeing around for a while here on the site and that is whether or not I should include non-carbonated beverages in the reviews.  The response I’ve come up with is that I’ll take them on a case by case basis if they seem unique enough to test.  First and foremost this is a SODA review site, but occasionally it may step off that path for a brief second.  With that said, I’m not sure today’s selected beverage is carbonated.  I can tell you that it’s a Turkish beverage given to us by a nice lady who works with me.  The beverage at hand is called Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar.  The can is 330ml and a rich pink color.  There are no less than 26 cherries pictured on the can as well so you have to hope their taking this “cherry flavor” seriously.  Another sign that shows how “real” this beverage is about to be are the lack of nonsense ingredients.  Water, Sugar, Sour  Cherry Juice (from concentrate), and Citric Acid are the only components of Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar.  Again, I know this doesn’t fit our “soda definition”, but did you really think I’d turn down reviewing a Turkish beverage of any kind?  Drinkin’ time.

I don’t know if my nose isn’t working properly or what, but I’m getting little to no scent coming out of this stout little can.  My olfactory glands can only detect the slightest of aromas… to the point where my brain might be creating the scent for me just so I don’t feel insane.  Hopefully the flavor is a bit stronger.

Well, the non-carbonation aspect took me by surprise even though I knew it had no fizz to it.  I can sum the flavor of this beverage up fairly easily.  This tastes like liquid cherry pie filling.  If you like cherry pie (feel free to make all the innuendos you wish, I’m not doing your dirty work for you) then you’ll probably love this beverage.  The only flavor difference between this and a cherry pie filling is that at the end of the road this veers more towards tart where a cherry pie might swerve towards sweet.  Looking at the nutrition label I’m surprised to see that it only has 12grams of sugar because it tastes like it would have closer to 30.  The cherry juice does produce a trivial burn in the back of your throat with the completion of each sip, but unless your throat is made of origami paper you probably won’t even notice.  The aftertaste, which is exactly like the before taste and the current taste, sits in your mouth for a good while after your drink is complete.  That seems to be the only downside to Tamek Sour Cherry Nectar, the fact that it sits rather heavy in your mouth for the duration of the consumption.  I’m aware that nectar would be apt to do such a thing, but I still have to compare this to soda.  I know this probably goes without saying but nectar isn’t the most refreshing of beverages so don’t expect your thirst to be quenched.  Refreshing or not this can holds a good amount of deliciousness that might even be a bit too rich for some.  Pretty much every word I wrote after typing “This tastes like liquid cherry pie filling” is superfluous because that description is as accurate as you could possibly get. 

Verdict  -  Buy a Pack


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