Pink Ting (Fan Review!)

Grapefruit juice doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy.  In fact if I were to bet money I would bet that I would not enjoy anything containing grapefruit juice. So with some hesitation I bought a bottle of Pink Ting from my local purveyor of chilled beverages.  What exactly is Pink Ting? The label says the following:  “Ting is the ultimate thirst-quencher.  Lightly carbonated, natural citrus refreshment.  Made from real Jamaican grapefruit, mixed with a natural pink grapefruit flavor.  Ting is a little island sunshine in a bottle.”  A lofty description of something made from a fruit not known for its palatable taste.  Plus this stuff says it’s made from Jamaican grapefruit, I don’t know how that is different from any other kind of grapefruit but I’ll find out soon enough.  So I look at the ingredients to see if anything else catches my eye.  Sugar and some preservatives comprise the fillers.

So I open the bottle and take a swig.  Yes this stuff tastes like grapefruit but in a surprisingly good way.  The grapefruit taste is by no means overpowering and is mixed well with the other ingredients.  The carbonation stays strong the more and the taste doesn’t where thin.  To be honest the more I drink the more Pink Ting grows on me.  I finish the bottle and am happy with what I just drank.  Who knew I would enjoy a bottle of grapefruit juice?  Good think I didn’t put any of my hard earned money against this one.

Final review:  Buy a bottle!  Folks Pink Ting isn’t bad.  Real fruit juice combined with a decent taste make for something that is totally worth a shot.


Pink TingCW580.jpg