Yardy Roots Malta (Fan Review!)

So I'd been browsing online for a birthday present, weird soda for my brother. Most of the stuff I looked up, good reviews and all. But wait! There was one that wasn't. Yardy Roots Malta, Malt Based Root Tonic.

Sounds Jamaican frankly, and it looked odd enough. I'd already gotten enough "good" soda and one more would put me over the top on the minimum amount I needed to get it shipped. Into the shopping car it went.

Cue several days and a birthday later. The bottle was opened, and immediately things did not smell good. It smells like molasses, which if you've never smelled molasses, well it is frankly awful. Like tree sap gone rotten. But hey, molasses (in small quantities) can taste perfectly fine. So ignoring exhortations to the contrary into a glass went some ice and some of the dark brown liquid.

Now the good news here is that much like molasses it doesn't taste as bad as it looks. The bad news is that it just doesn't taste very good. A tangy, sweet/bitter taste that frankly reminds one a lot of molasses in taste as well. Sips and gulping it down didn't improve things much. Letting it sit, just for the sake of thoroughness, was a bit unpleasant, clearly not very close to "enjoyable".

I'd not go so far as to say that there isn't ANYONE out there that wouldn't somehow enjoy this strange concoction. I didn't spit it out in vaporized disgust, and managed to drink well enough for a review. But "Buyer Beware" is definitely a warning to take into consideration.

Verdict – Buyer Beware

Son of Thomp



*editors note - if you can find a picture of this particular soda I'd be most pleased.  In case you don't know, that's the best way to live... best pleased.*