Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Drink (Fan Review!)

   A recent road trip took me through a small Texas town named Brenham.  Yes, this is the same Brenham that is home to the major ice cream distributor, but I was on my way somewhere and needed to stop only for fuel and refreshment.  A quick look into the beverage case of the conveniently located gas station reveled an unusual product.  Team Realtree Outdoor Energy caught my eye, so I decided that It was a must review.  People familiar with early morning hunting programs may recognize the name of this beverage, because it is in fact put out by the producers of the hunting program bearing the same name.

   The container for this beverage is made out of a heavy durable plastic.  An obvious choice for something that will probably be consumed on a deer stand or perhaps in a heavily wooded area.  Also, the label is awash with a rather detailed woodland design of camo, both novel and a good idea for a hunter trying to stay unnoticed by the four legged or feathered types.  A quick scan of the label reveals common ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and B complex vitamins.  The ingredients aren't impressive and certainly don't provide for a promising start.

   So I twist the cap off and take a sip.  A muted lemon-lime flavor greets my mouth.  It's not a great taste, but I've had worse.  The taste is most similar in my opinion to lemon-lime Gatorade, but sweeter and with what seems to be a higher sodium content.  I am impressed with how long the beverage stays carbonated, but I am still not impressed with the taste.  So with about one suggested serving consumed, I halt the review satisfied that I have enough of an impression relate a solid review. 

Final review:  Buyer beware.  Folks this beverage isn't bad, but it isn't good either.  It certainly would work if you feel the need to take a camo bottle to your deer lease, or just want to drink something out of a camo bottle.  As for me, I don't think the fancy camo bottle can conceal the generic mediocre taste inside.  


Team Realtree580.jpg

Sorry we couldn't get a picture of the soda... here's some nature to make you feel better