Redline Xtreme (Fan Review!)

   Product names can speak volumes, and Redline Xtreme is the name of today's choice.   Drawn to its bright red bottle and promise of razor sharp reaction, (no joke it says that on the front of the label!) I spend more money than I should, and cart this unusual brew back to my abode. Upon inspection I notice a part of that label that says: "University proven 75% faster reaction time! A potent 13% increase in energy! An amazing 15% increase in energy!"  The label has already made this drink cheesy, and I can't help but be amused by these corny and ridiculous claims.

   The particular flavor at hand is "triple berry" and has a lengthy ingredient list comprised of stuff I can't pronounce.  Also of note is the lengthy and I do mean lengthy, warning label which adorns the back of the bottle.  Admonitions like, "Not for use by individuals under the age of 18."  "Do not use if pregnant of contemplating becoming pregnant or nursing," and "Do not use if more than fifteen pounds overweight."  These statements not only frighten me but make me wonder why this product is sold at all. 

   The top has been removed and a sickly smell that is cross between low grade cough syrup and cheap bubble gum greets my nose.   So I brace myself for the inevitable and take a swig.  Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting! The taste mirrors the smell, and the lingering flavor left in my mouth literaly makes me want to rinse.  I shudder at the thought of taking another sip!  This my friends, is a disaster of a drink!  If you have guessed that the review stops here, you are absolutely correct. 

Final review:  Do not buy!  People please, the only thing extreme about this drink is how vile it tastes!   STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!


Redline Extreme580.jpg