Sprecher Fire-Brewed Cream Soda


I figure I'd complete the Sprecher trilogy.  At least I've only seen three of their sodas.  Maybe they have more.  Who knows.  Anyhoo...

So this is their cream soda.  Their other two drinks have been winners, that being root beer and their amazing cherry cola.  I'm not a big fan of cream soda, though.  It's okay, but it never really floors me too much, with the exception of Virgil's which, if you recall, made me smile while drinking it.  I'd say they should put that on the bottles, but they don't need any help.

This is pretty decent, very smooth, lightly carbonated, has a mild cream flavor.  

Simple, but effective.  

One thing...the label.  There's a bee on it.  My greatest fear.  It's a cartoon bee, but not a happy looking one, a creepy one.  Gross.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!