Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer

   Oh boy!  It’s time to remind myself of how much of a wuss I am as I attempt to consume a Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer.  Read as I curl into the fetal position because the main ingredient is “fire”.  There is no actual fire in this bottle, but something tells me that if I can’t drink an American ginger beer without discomfort, an Australian one will leave me in tears.  If you don’t know our history of reviewing ginger beer, here’s a short lesson.  Neither one of us can finish a bottle because our throats cry as much as you do when you watch Steel Magnolias.  BURN!  Yes, we’re talking about the burn.  You know the packaging… cool top, cool kangaroo, and pieces of ginger floating within.  Let’s take a whiff.

   Smells like ginger… I was always a Mary Ann kinda guy myself though.  BRING ON THE PAIN!

   The first drink is how I remember most ginger beer, a little bit of bite, with an almost gingersnap aftertaste.  It’s like the ginger beer is luring you into a safe place, waiting to pounce on you with napalm.  Let’s us now continue… counting along the way to see how many drinks it will take before I can takes no more!  Two.  I felt a little bit of the fire on this one, but nothing that’s going to scare me off.  Three.  The flames are lingering a bit more, but I’m still enjoying the flavor enough to keep on going.  Four.  That gulp had some bite in it… not so much fire as the initial sting of the ginger.  I kind of liked it.  Am I becoming a man?  Five.  Tamer than four, and I think I’m going to stop counting now and see if I can’t just finish this off.  I’ve now consumed more than half the bottle, and while my throat is in a little bit of discomfort, finishing this beverage will make me feel better about myself. (88 MPH)  Finished, and the only time I felt any true discomfort was on the last swig.  While I know I shouldn’t, I genuinely feel tougher.  Yes look at me; I’m so tough I can drink an Australian ginger beer.  Ha HA!  Watch as my fist goes through this brick wall, into a bank safe, and comes out with a fist full of diamond dust that I created by crushing a piece of coal.  To be honest I’ve had harsher ginger beer, but I could never truly appreciate them due to my kitten like sensitivities.  With Bundaberg Australian Ginger Beer I’m able to drink, taste, and enjoy it while getting a feeling of accomplishment at the end.  This has a great ginger flavor, a tolerable amount of burn, and a rockin’ kangaroo on the bottle.  If you like ginger beer at all you’ll probably want to…

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


Bundaberg Aus Ginger Beer.jpg

Oddly enough, Twist had kangaroo for dinner