Organics Pomegranate Italian Soda


With a name like Organics, you can  expect some quality ingredients, or rather you hope for them.  Thankfully there  is actually a solid lineup of ingredients within this giant bottle, such as organic sugar, organic apple and organic pomegranate juice.  No preservatives!

You can have a quality foundation  but still build an ugly house, so is it tasty?  Yep, it succeeds there too with  a very unique flavor.  Again, for those unfamiliar, pomegranate is cherry-esque,  to compare it to another fruit.  This one has quite a bite too, a little sour,  sort of Jolly Rancher-esque.  I’m not comparing the flavor to Jolly Ranchers,  just the sour bite.  This is much higher class than a Jolly Rancher.  Sorry,  Jolly Rancher.  That bite fades a bit with each sip, but not too  much.

Because of this it’s not a  refreshing drink like what a cherry organic soda may taste like, but overall  it’s unique and good if you’re looking for something flavorful.  I have to say  I’m excited to try the other flavor that Dan W provided us with and may seek out  more at Walgreens (where they’re available, btw).

Verdict:  Buy a  pack!