Big Pineapple

   I’ve had this Big Pineapple in my fridge for a while now.  We’ve done at least two sodas from all of the sample packs we’ve been mailed, so it’s time to get to a few fan given sodas.  As you could probably guess, this was given to us by a fan… so a big thanks to Kyle R.  The other pineapple sodas I’ve tried remind me of that relative you only see at the yearly family reunion.  He’s probably nice, and you may share a few words, but next year you’re gonna be asking your mom his name again.  For those of you who didn’t get that awesome analogy… pineapple soda is ok, but I haven’t had one that just blew me out of the water.

   The color of this soda is a bright yellow, which is fun, and it matches the splash yellow label as well.  While Big Peach had a realistic looking peach on the label, this has an obviously drawn pineapple.  It’s an ok looking pineapple, as pineapples go, but I wish it was bigger.  They could really stylize the fruit on their labels, and make the art pop a little more.  It's time to open this up for a sniff, or maybe even two.

   This smells like sugar first, and then pineapple… but at least it smells like the fruit it’s labeled with.  In fact I might go so far as to say that it smells like a pineapple upside down cake.  Here’s the part where I’d like to inform you that I’m going to drink the beverage now.  I wish I had some catch phrase I could use like “It’s drinkin’ time”, but that reminds me too much of “It’s clobberin’ time”.  If any of you think of a cool catch phrase for me to use, do tell.  Chug-a-lug!

   It has an initial bite that I didn’t expect, but that quickly dissolves into a muted pineapple taste.  To tell you the truth this isn’t nearly as strong I was expecting it to be.  When it first hits your mouth, it’s bubbly, a little tangy, and enjoyable, followed by the muted pineapple.  The second, third, and fourth times are a repeat of the first.   This fifth time though, something different happened.  It’s like the muted pineapple taste was building upon itself in my mouth.  It was no longer a weak taste, but one that was flavored how I initially thought it would be.  I’ll tell you right now though, this is the best pineapple soda I’ve had… then again I don’t think I’ve had more than three.  This could potentially quench your thirst, but I'd say it works better as a stand alone "treat".  Sadly there is nothing that truly sets it apart from the other few pineapple sodas I’ve tested.  I will say though that after drinking this I’m much more excited to find a truly awesome pineapple soda.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle!



Twist's best friend used to be a pineapple