Stewart's Key Lime


I'm finally getting around to reviewing this one. It's so damn good that every time I end up buying some I down it so quickly that I don't have time to review it. As I've said before I like to review whilst I'm drinking. None of this "after the fact" nonsense flies around here.

This one is a little more "mainstream" then what we usually get. By that I mean when it comes to bottled sodas (as opposed to cans or plastic bottles) this is probably the number one mainstream brand. Also the ingredients are chemicals.

But it's so delicious. The smell is a very potent lime, with almost a little cream in it. Appropriate because it's called key lime. Also an appropriate smell because that's how it tastes. It's nothing like a limeade in there's no real citrus bitterness to it, which I don't mind but it's a nice variant on something more common. So essentially a creamy, not sour but still strong lime flavoured beverage. Delicious.

Verdict:  Buy stock in the company!