Fizzy Lizzy - Yakima Valley Grape

Ok... in my ongoing search for an awesome grape soda, I think I may have found a strong contender. Fizzy Lizzy. First off, you gotta love the name. The packaging of Fizzy Lizzy is great. With such great quotes as "Fruit & Fizz With Body" or "No Gunk, No Junk, Pure Crisp Filtered" and my personal favorite "Gently SHAKE my hips, Before placing to your lips." This drink is flirting with me and I like it! The back of the bottle reads as such "51% fruit juice + 49% fizzy water. No added sugars" The ingredients are Triple Filtered Water, Concord grape juice concentrate, white grape juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, and vitamin C. I'm gonna take this moment to tell you how happy it makes me when a beverage is good for you. This includes 100% of the vitamin C you need in a day. It also has 29 grams of sugar, all from fruit juice. As I said before, I've hyped this up in my mind to potentially being the greatest grape soda ever. Let's you, and me, find out together.

It smells like grape juice, which I guess would be pretty obvious after reading the back of the bottle. Well I can't very well call it grape soda anymore because of the amount of juice. In a sentence it tastes like fizzy grape juice... which is exactly what it is. It seems to have a bit of a fermented taste as well, but nothing over powering. I like the crisp grape flavor that it leaves in my mouth. I like grape juice, but this doesn't leave that mucus feel that straight grape juice would. While the bottle pleased me greatly, the beverage is just above average. I can't criticize them though, they delivered exactly what they said they would. Fizzy water + Fruit Juice = Fizzy Lizzy.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!