Jones Zilch - Vanilla Bean Soda

   As previously stated in the black cherry review, Jones sent us a pack of their new Zilch brand sodas.  Today’s installment is Jones Zilch Vanilla Bean Soda.  The first thing I notice is the color of the soda itself.  It looks like dirty water, which isn’t very appetizing.  Had it been a little darker I think I would have been fine with it. The fact that it looks like a liquid that’s supposed to be clear, but is not, is a bit off putting.  My bottle picture today is a skateboarder in mid air over some rather sharp looking steps, God speed my good man.

   Upon opening this bottle I had to press my nose against the top, (don’t worry it’s clean), to get any kind of vanilla aroma in my olfactory glands.  As always this scares me that the flavor I’m about to ingest is going to be so faint that I won’t enjoy it.  Fears aside, it has to be consumed… bottoms up.

   I’m happy to say that you can taste the vanilla in this soda; although much like the black cherry, the best part of the flavor is in the aftertaste.  The taste that occupies your mouth prior to the vanilla aftertaste is one of seltzer water.  I really wish the initial taste was the best part of this drink, as it’s no fun waiting on an aftertaste to enjoy something.  Oddly enough the more I drink this the less I taste the slightly sweet vanilla aftertaste I initially did.  The bottom line is that this is a drinkable soda, but that’s about it.  Sadly it’s very bland, and reinforces why we rarely do “diet” reviews. 

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!


Jones Zilch Vanilla Bean.JPG

Twist used to skateboard, until the incident

(Note:  This beverage was provided to us by Jones)