Doc Zola

   Today’s review is that of Doc Zola, what I first perceived as a Dr. Pepper knock off and nothing more.  If you’ve listened to Popcast Episode 1, also available on iTunes, you’d know that I no longer feel any ill will toward this product anymore. 

   Initially I was thinking to myself, “Oh look another soda trying to be Dr. Pepper.  This is going to be a disappointment.”  Texans are proud that Dr. Pepper hails from this state, and anyone trying to out do them at their own game is usually looked down upon.  Thankfully Doc Zola didn’t fall into the Dr. Pepper rip-off category.  The bottle art includes a Tiki god looking character, which I will assume is Doc Zola.  Maybe Doc Zola is short for Witch Doctor Zola, then again maybe not.  Either way, the bottle art and the colors used are very nice.  Then again, I’m a sucker for shades of maroon coupled with white.

   Looking over the bottle a bit more we found that it included Vitamins C, E, B6, and B12.  While a bottle of Doc Zola won’t cover you for an entire days need of Vitamin C, it will give you 25% of your daily value.  This is one of the things that impressed me most.  For every good though, there is a bad.  The use of HFCS, and Sodium Benzoate are never smiled upon by the Jerks, and Doc Zola uses both. 

   Once I opened the bottle I did notice that it smelled a lot like Dr. Pepper, but it wasn’t until I tasted it that I no longer cared about the similarities.  Doc Zola does have a Dr. Pepper base for the taste it gives you.  Soon after taking a drink though, you will realize that something more is there.  First you will taste a sweet hint of cherry, a very pleasant surprise.  Following the cherry is where the Dr. Pepper flavoring hits your tongue, but that’s not where it finishes.  As you complete the drink you just took you’ll notice the flavor of cinnamon greeting you… and that’s where Doc Zola shines.  The addition of the cherry is nice, and something Dr. Pepper failed on even in Cherry Dr. Pepper.  The cinnamon though, is fantastic, and what sets this drink apart from being a rip-off of an already popular brand.  Again with the good there is always a flip side.  Doc Zola seems to lose it’s carbonation a little faster than other drinks.  If you chug it down you won’t even notice.  If you’re like me and like to slowly enjoy it, then you’ll notice that aspect at the end.

Verdict: Buy a Pallet!


Doc Zola.JPG

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(Note:  This beverage was provided to us by Pipeline Brands)