Popcast 02 - Jarritos Tamarindo & Sidral Mundet

We return for another episode of the Popcast.  Following up the wonder that was a soda based off of a meat replacement product, we move on to something still unfamiliar but without salt:  Jarritos Tamarindo.  Much more familiar (or is it?) is Sidral Mundet, an apple soda.  In the news we discuss a new method of starting up a beverage business, a Whole Foods exclusive soda, floating around the world on recycled bottles, Coke "teaming up" with the AAFP, kids swallowing soda tabs, Coke in Avatar and fending off robbers with soda.  Hope you enjoy it more than a watered down glass of apple soda.  Check out www.datassette.net for more of the music

Popcast Episode 2