Popcast 03 - Reed's Natural Energy Elixir & Spiced Apple Brew

They say that the third time is a charm, so will our third Popcast bring us two delicious drinks?  There's only one way to find out and that's by listening!  This week we have two products given to us by the fine folks at Reed's, first a natural energy drink and second an apple beverage, which hopefully makes up for last week's apple-related disappointment.  As a bonus we try the first drink with the "As Seen on TV" Bottle Tops.  Lots in the news including the end of the Coke and Costco saga, Coke's bubble trouble in Israel, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper are BFFs, Pepsi developing healthier snacks in CT, Reed's taking over the world, Jones' iPhone app, GABA singing Karaoke, Colorado cranking out more bizarre drinks, New York City likes to gross people out with their PSAs, a man going on a soda spilling rampage at a McDonald's, and a criminal learning that soda does not cover up DNA.  Whew!  Hope you enjoy it more than trying to put on or remove a Bottle Top.  Check out www.datassette.net for more of the music.

Popcast Episode 3