Pomegranate 7up

Ok... so I was in HEB the other day looking for an interesting drink at the end of the isle. I came up with China Cola, but on my way back down the isle a maroon colored 7up bottle caught my eye. I picked it up and it was labeled 'Pomegranate 7up' with little snow flakes all over it. All I can assume from this is that it was a holiday release and my store realized they had an extra so they stocked it. Well I have a glass of it right in front of me so I can do a more accurate review. From here on out the reviews will be with drink in hand, not that the last few weren't accurate... it's just more fun this way.

Ok first sip. For starters it has the bite of a 7up, no more no less... which I think works for this drink. The maroon coloring is very nice as well, and if not carbonated it could almost pass for a wine. I'm having a hard time discerning if there is actually lemon, lime, and pomegranate in this, or if it's just pomegranate (a really long word to type) soda. Since the taste isn't jumping out at me as something radically different from regular 7up I guess I would say it's a combination of the three flavors. It does have a slightly different taste, a very slight hint of fruit (the pomegranate I'm sure) but it's certainly not overpowering.

While I like this drink just fine, it's just not different enough from 7up. Granted 7up is my favorite of the clear sodas, because of taste and the fact that they use all natural ingredients. This soda also uses natural ingredients, and I give them props for that. The best way to describe it is this... take a glass of 7up, now take a pomegranate and cut it in half. Drop half of the pomegranate into the 7up, now quickly take it out. Make sure you put in some food coloring for style. This drink, while very pretty in it's labeling and appearance is ok at best.

I'll continue to drink this 2 liter bottle with no problem, but no longer will I brag about having Pomegranate 7up because then I'll have to shoot down their hopes of a fantastic new flavor. This bothers me because it's a seasonal drink, and seasonal drinks are supposed to be a bit 'wacky'. The only wacky thing about this is that it's packaging is shades of maroon instead of shades of green. Personally I'll be awaiting the green and red M&M bags next holiday season before I'll be waiting on baited breath for this.

Verdict: Buy a Bottle!