Oogave Ginger Ale

oogave gingerale prof.jpg

Continuing the Oogave products found at Hubble & Hudson (at least here in The Woodlands), we now move on to their ginger ale. I've talked about Oogave enough so let's get to the product.

Once again, thanks to what I chose first, their Mandarin-Key Lime, I expected this to be a really refreshing ginger ale, but it is not. That disappointed me at the start, but I have to say I'm impressed with what they've done. This is the most natural tasting ginger ale I've ever had, but with two key things that make it tasty: first, it's sweet, not dry, and second, it does not burn. Most natural tasting ginger drinks are ginger beer, but this is an actual ginger ale. Again, it does not burn. I was super concerned when I initially smelled it, but after drinking it was not. Must be the ginger extract they list in the ingredients.

I like this, but just be warned this isn't your typical ginger ale, this is real deal ginger flavor.

Verdict:  Buy a pack!