Champ's Cola

We’ve got an odd situation today.  I have a can in front of me that’s identical (except the name) to Quinabeer.  It’s red and has “Champion George Prince” on it flexing.  Seriously how many other cans of soda would look like this?  

So much flexing.

My concern is that Champs Cola (btw I’m reviewing Champs Cola today) is just a rebranded Quinabeer.  If that’s the case then I’m going to be a little sad.  If that’s NOT the case then I’m going to be perplexed as to why an exact labeling doppleganger (minus the name) was created.

It smells like a bubble gum cream soda so I’m starting to think this is the exact same beverage.  That’s ok, I’ll still review it.  That way if someone (you) searches for Champ’s Cola they have an entry to find.  

Who knows, perhaps I’ll forget what I thought about it before and rate it differently.  I seriously hope that I don’t, but I’m not going to read my Quinabeer review until after I’m done.

Ok, so it’s a bubble gum cream with a hint of orange soda to boot.  It’s this orange kicker that makes me not dismiss it immediately as a bubble gum monstrosity.  I’m not big on the bubble gum if you haven’t concocted that thought yet.

Even though the orange is pleasing to my pallet the bubble gum is just too overpowering for me to really get into this soda.  That’s unfortunate for Champ’s Cola as I think expounding on the citrus flavor could really make this go a long way.  That’s kind of a cocky thought, but I’m a “Jerk” so it should be expected.

All in all, Champ’s Cola aka Quinabeer aka Champ’s Cola, has the makings of being excellent, but the ratios just aren’t quite there.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was given to me by Rasslin’ Jakit