Berghoff Famous Root Beer

We already have a fan review up of Berghoff Famous Root Beer, but I’d take 100 reviews of it if possible.  When I say “100 reviews” of Berghoff Famous Root Beer I really mean 100 reviews of any soda out there.  You see, I feel opinions are important so if you see a beverage on our site that we’ve reviewed and you disagree with said review then please feel free to write one of your own and we’ll post it.  With all that said it’s probably time to start this review of Berghoff Famous Root Beer.  Honestly the bottle looks like a fairly generic somewhat upscale root beer and a look at the ingredients show that it’s fairly upscale since sugar is their substance of sweet.  I’m not sure how often you’re concerned with the amount of sodium in your root beer, but Berghoff has “very little sodium”.  Every bottle of root beer out there might say this, but I haven’t noticed it until right now.   Like I said the labeling is boring and not worth much commentary, hopefully the fluid inside will be more lead performer and less plywood tree.

Well the good news is that Berghoff Famous Root Beer has a nice odor to it.  It’s not wowing the ol’ olfactory glands or anything, but it’s a sweet, inviting scent none-the-less.   This is appearing more and more like a single step up from your mainstream root beer.  Sadly I’ve been spoiled in creating this site… I need more than one step up because that one step isn’t always worth the extra cash spent in the purchase.  Drink time.

Hello?  Carbonation?  Are you there?  The idea of carbonation that is contained in this bottle of Berghoff is all that keeps it from being root beer juice.    Root Beer Juice.  I can’t tell if it’d be good or not… my mind leans towards the direction of no.  Alright, now that I kind of grossed myself out with the newly coined product “root beer juice” I should probably continue the review.  Berghoff Famous Root Beer has a bit of a licorice taste to it which might be off putting to some, but licorice is nowhere to be found in the makeup of this soda.  Taste wise, aside from the faux licorice, this is most similar to Barq’s when compared to the big three and the aftertaste is as dirty as 7th grade limerick.  I really can’t seem to get over the lack of carbonation I’m experience (or not experiencing) here.  Honestly I don’t feel that Berghoff is any better than A&W or Barq’s Root Beer… Mug on the other hand it could probably beat.  It’s not a terrible root beer, but it won’t be winning any Twisty’s… the now made up award presented by this site.  **(Now for your obligatory Gary Berghoff reference)** After reading this review you should have known that this rating was coming from over a mile away... much like Gary Berghoff as Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly in the Emmy Award winning television show M*A*S*H.

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


Berghoff Root Beer580.jpg

And now presenting the Twisty for most average root beer...