Virgil’s Zero Sugar Lemon Lime

I don’t usually focus on sugar free sodas, but I’ll review any soda handed to me… eventually. This can of Virgil’s Zero Sugar Lemon Lime was handed to me a few months ago, but its time to shine (hopefully) is now. For those of you unfamiliar with the Virgil’s Zero Sugar line let me break it down. Virgil’s has a line of Zero Sugar sodas…. OH! They’re also All-Natural. That’s pretty much it. Last time I had the Root Beer and was very impressed with what I tasted. Today is Lemon Lime. Lemon Lime is a flavor that lends itself a bit better than root beer to being sugar free, so I’m hopeful for what’s ahead.

The scent is crisp and clean. Both the lemon and the lime are present in the aroma wafting from the mouth of the can. This pleases me as lime is so often left behind when lemon is concerned. I’m hoping for a crisp citrus taste with no, or at least a pleasant, aftertaste.

The first sip started off strong, but the finish kind of through me for a loop. Second sip, same thing. It starts with a sharp lemon/lime (lymon) taste that is ridiculously clean, but then gets a bit messy in the finish with limbs akimbo. Sip after sip the same thing, so I can certainly give points for consistency.

Please don’t think the finish is poor, it’s not, it’s just not as well defined as the taste on the frontside. Pretend you’ve got one of those little containers of bubbles. You struggle to grasp the bubble wand. Fingers fumbling, trying to push it awkwardly up the side of the container. Eventually you soapy handed, but victorious. You put the wand close to your mouth and blow. A steady stream of bubbles leaves the wand, but shortly after their seemingly identical journey begins they float apart, bouncing on their individual breezes. That’s what the flavor is doing.

Now for what some might think are the “negative” thoughts. First off the taste tells you it’s a sugar free beverage. Still good, but there’s no guesswork here. Secondly, I do wish the lemon and lime were individually identifiable instead of the somewhat generic “citrus” taste.

All in all, It’s a phenomenal sugar free beverage and all natural to boot, but how does it stack up against sugar filled lemon/lime sodas? Virgil’s Zero Sugar Lemon Lime is better than Sierra Mist and Sprite, but I’d still take a 7UP or a Howdy Lemon Lime over it..

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was given to me by The Mask