Zuberfizz Strawberry Rhubarb

Quick, picture a rhubarb.  For seven of you a clear concise picture popped into your head.  The remainder had pictures spinning and stopping as if on a slot machine in their heads, never quite landing on one that worked.  Rhubarb looks a little bit like red celery.  I have no idea what it tastes like personally but according to the internet it is similar to sour green apples.  I bring this up, as you’ve likely guessed, because today’s soda is Zuberfizz Strawberry Rhubarb.

I really enjoy the colors of the label design.

I really enjoy the colors of the label design.

This soda was supplied to my by Blue Rumer, and I must thank her for that here in the second paragraph.  Zuberfizz is a brand we reviewed several varieties of years ago on the site.  I’m not sure if strawberry rhubarb is a new flavor, but I hadn’t had it before which brings us to this article.  What I do remember of Zuberfizz from all those years ago, is that their sodas were hit and miss bottle to bottle.  Key Lime tastes great in one bottle and a little watery in another.  Those circumstances would repeat with other flavors of theirs as well.  So here’s hoping that this bottle of Zuberfizz Strawberry Rhubarb will be a hit.

I had to check the ingredients to see if “Strawberries” were listed based on the scent that floated out of the bottle.  A very natural, pleasant strawberry scent was what greeted me and immediately excited my mind for what this might taste like.  Imagining the flavor the scent hopefully telegraphs paired with a tart taste like rhubarb seems right up my alley.

While good, this is much smoother than I anticipated.  In terms of impact the scent was stronger than the flavor, but strawberry is clearly at the forefront.  Perhaps my lack of familiarity with rhubarb is hurting me here, but if this were poured in a glass I’d be hard pressed to tell you that another flavor was present.  The taste does seem very natural, very little sense of sugary nonsense here.

Mouthfeel is incredibly smooth, with very little carbonation to be found.  There’s a brief sizzle at the back of my throat with each sip, but it’s easily ignored.  The label on the bottle says I should be experiencing an “Earthy Tartness”, perhaps that’s actually what the sizzle is.  

The somewhat muted strawberry flavor paired with minute amount of carbonation makes for a very refreshing soda.  I’d happily drink this with a meal and would certainly recommend you do too.  Right now I’m deciding if I’d buy this again, which is normally what is the difference between “Buy a Bottle” or “Buy a Pack”.  Usually “Buy a Bottle” implies that I’ve done my part and tried it, now it’s up to you.  “Buy a Pack” is often used if I’d pick up at least one more bottle to drink for pleasure.

Ok, writing that sentence was the appropriate amount of stalling.  I do think I’d buy this again.  It’s inoffensive, has a nice taste to it, and is an overall enjoyable drinking experience.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was given to me by Blue Rumer