MTN DEW Game Fuel - Arctic Burst

In clearing out my backlog of sodas that I need to review I came across a variety of Mountain (stock symbol MTN) Dew (stock symbol DEW).  MTN DEW as many of you are aware is known for their somewhat experimental nature with sodas which is certainly something I applaud them for. Their army of soda flavors and penchant for change is a strength in the soda world in my opinion.  Not all of the flavors are a hit with me, but guess what, I’m not the only person in the world who drinks soda so that’s A-OK.

I'm pretty sure Twist would play the part of Larry

I'm pretty sure Twist would play the part of Larry

Today’s offering is from their Game Fuel line with the flavor of Arctic Burst.  Arctic Burst surprisingly has not already been used as a sports drink flavor so kudos to Pepsi for snatching it up and applying to their sodas.  The Game Fuel moniker, for those unaware, is usually attributed for those MTN DEW flavors that have some sort of video game tie in.  In the case of Arctic Burst it’s Middle Earth: Shadow of War which has about a B average on MetaCritic at the moment.

You may be surprised to see that this can of MTN DEW only has 27 grams (still a lot) of sugar.  This is due to the fact that is isn’t solely sweetened by high fructose corn syrup alone.  No, no, this also has some sucralose in it to keep those sugar levels down.  I often find this affects the flavor negatively, but I’m always GAME to try something new.  Did you see the last sentence?  It included a pun.

The aroma my nostrils pull in is that of a tart bubble gum.  Think blue raspberry candy toothpaste if you so dare, something you might smear upon a Paw Patrol toothbrush.  I have little doubt that it will taste better than I’m describing, but some of those toothpastes can smell quite appealing.

Well my nose was pretty on the mark this time.  Initially the flavor that crosses my lips is that of a muted bubble gum, very slight.  This is quickly followed up with liquid blue raspberry which in itself isn’t extremely powerful.  All throughout it though is that unmistakable MTN DEW citrus taste.  It all makes for an interesting beverage, kind of like a liquid Three’s Company.  I’d assume that Chrissy is the bubble gum taste since she was on the show the least amount of time.  Janet is the blue raspberry, you either loved her or hated her.  Of course at the center of it all is Jack “Citrus” Tripper.  They are all different personalities, but the apartment is fun to live in as long as Mr. Roper (Pepsi Co.) lets them have their fun.

I’m happy to announce that the fact that this soda keeps (three’s) company with sucralose is not a negative addition to the beverage.  No part of this tastes “diet” to me where MTN DEW-S.A certainly did.  So I’m pleased that whatever mix they used worked out well enough to lower the sugar levels and keep a decent flavor.

After my first few sips I had a somewhat negative opinion of Arctic Burst, but as I continue my way through the can it’s beginning to grow on me a bit.  The flavors are blending a bit better and my hatred of blue raspberry in general is subsiding.  Full disclosure, my hatred of blue raspberry as a flavor is an old wound that first opened when it burst on the scene in the early 90’s.  

Since I know so many of you are clamoring to know about the mouthfeel I’ll tell you straight away, it’s fairly smooth.  The beginning is a bit rough as it all comes together, but once the machine is running it coasts off down my throat with minimal bumps and bruises.  Wow, looking up I’ve written quite a few tiny paragraphs.  I’m not sure why I’m including these sentences, but here we are.

All in all, MTN DEW Game Fuel - Arctic Burst is a decent soda.  It’s not something I’d pick up again personally, but I have no qualms with recommending it to someone.  Don’t go out and buy a 12 pack or anything, but if you can get your hands on a can then it’s definitely worth a try.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This sweet can was supplied to me by J. Dewitsky