Dirty Girl Skip Orange Cream

A tattooed young woman (we’ll assume her name is Lydia) stands in front of an American muscle car.  That’s the label for my orange cream soda that sits before me.  Honestly, it’s what got me to pick it up… well that and the name.  Dirty Girl Skip Orange Cream.  There’s so much in that name that intrigues me.

On her back is the Battle of Waterloo

I’ll assume a “Dirty Girl” is a slang term for tattooed woman like Lydia here.  I’m not sure what “Skip” is, but it pairs nicely with the term “Dirty Girl” so who cares.  Orange Cream is clearly the flavor of cane sugar sweetened beverage I’m about to consume, so let’s just jump in now.

Upon opening I’m greeted with more orange than cream, but enough cream to soothe any worries I might have had.  It’s going to be a somewhat tart orange judging by the aroma.  This might create a fun dichotomy of… I’m just kidding… I’m not feeling pretentious today.

That’s a good little orange cream.  My initial taste is the tart orange burst I anticipated.  It’s of the candied variety, but still quite tasty.  Many sugar sweetened orange sodas have an overpowering cardboard taste to me for some odd reason, thankfully this one is on the weaker end.

The next sensation in line is a somewhat violent mash up of orange and vanilla.  It’s as if Orange spent too much time on the stage and Vanilla finally had enough.  Stomping feet propelling her across the stage, Vanilla pushes orange only to be shoved back.  The shoving match is brief as Orange relents quickly knowing he’s in the wrong.

What I’m left with is basically an aftertaste of cream alone. The orange flavor may live on in burps, but it’s the sweet vanilla that resides on my lips for the next several moments.  It’s a pleasant finish to a solid soda.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Houston