Million Dollar Grape

I thought I was done with the assortment of sodas that Excel sent me, but plunging my hand in the ol’ cardboard got me one more… Million Dollar Grape.  That’s a lot of money associated with a grape soda or any beverage for that matter, so I’m hoping they can back it up.  It is sweetened with “Pure Cane Sugar” so that’s worth at least a couple of dollars, right?  I’m not sure it’s made it to a million just yet, perhaps the taste will make up the difference.

When it's worth a million dollars you better get a hat out of it.

The scent that comes out of the bottle isn’t as pungent as I imagined, but it still smells like a combination of sugar and grape candy.  Not a bad place to start if you ask me… and you did since you’re still reading this.  Guess all we can do now is take a swig and hope for the best.

Well, we didn’t get the best. The front end is syrup filled and the back end is dry and lacking in sweetness.  Let me break that down a little bit.  Upon first swig everything seems to be going fine, it’s immediate grape taste works long enough to convince your mind that everything is status quo.  

After this the flavor sits solidly on your tongue in a slovenly manner.  It’s a heavy feel, not all that refreshing in turn.  As time passes this dense flavor of grape dissipates into a dry “diet grape” taste that finishes off the experience.  It was quite unexpected.  It’s like if an elephant sat on your seesaw, seems like fun right?  What if the elephant won’t get off?  What if he just sits there and kinda mocks you because you can’t get down?  What if he wonders *POOF* he vanishes and you come crashing down.  Ultimately achieving what you wanted, but hurting yourself in the process.

To put it a bit more succinctly, Million Dollar Grape seems front loaded with flavor thus negatively affecting the overall taste of the beverage.  The carbonation helps in my opinion, but not enough for me to want to buy any more bottles.  

It’s not undrinkable, which I’m sure is what everyone wants to hear before trying a beverage.  Million Dollar Grape is just not my thing.  There’s too many other grape sodas out there for me to settle on this one.  Hey, in other good news Mike (remember Mike?) wrote all of four sentences for this review.  Here they are below in all their negative glory!

Mike Says:  This is the worst grape soda.  Too carbonated, not very sweet.  It’s the driest grape soda.  I wouldn’t pay one dollar for it much less a million.

Classic Mike.  Anywho, I don’t completely agree with him on it being the worst grape soda, but his point is made.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This was sent to us by the Excel Bottling Company