Rocket Fizz Chocolate Soda

I recently reviewed Rocket Fizz All Natural Chocolate Soda; today I have a bottle of Rocket Fizz Chocolate Soda.  I’m not really sure why this one isn’t considered all natural unless it’s the inclusion of “caramel color”.  All other listed ingredients are natural, right down to the vague “natural flavor”.  Would they really make a completely different soda where the only difference is coloring?

Twist is goin' out to get 'imself a tiny drink.

Aroma wise it smells richer than the all natural version, almost like liquid Tootsie Rolls.  This immediately makes me feel better.  I’m really hoping this difference in scent translates into the taste as well.

As with many oddly flavored sodas sometimes the all natural route won’t give you what you need.  Rocket Fizz Chocolate Soda tastes like chocolate candy the whole way through.  To show how amazingly accurate my nose is, I’d even say the chocolate candy it compares the closest to is a Tootsie Roll.

The initial swig greets my lips with a sizzle.  Once the bubbles give way my taste buds are then welcomed to a fairly smooth mouth feel.  This is important in my opinion to the overall enjoyment of the soda.  Chocolate is often preferred creamy so an overly fizzy soda would break this relationship in your mind.  Thankfully once Rocket Fizz Chocolate Soda reaches this point the somewhat buttery mouthfeel never vanishes.

With most any beverage there is an aftertaste.  Aftertaste is a word that holds negative connotation, but it should not always be thought of as such.  The aftertaste of Rocket Fizz Chocolate Soda is similar to the chocolate candy taste you experienced moments ago as you sipped.

I’d really like to just say “Carbonated liquid Tootsie Rolls” and be done with it, but they did a wonderful job in creating this soda.  It’s still not my favorite chocolate soda submission (Still going to Jeff’s Chocolate Soda) but it’s superior to their other attempt.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


Random Person 5 word review: Tastes like a chocolate candy.

This was purchased at Rocket Fizz Houston.