III Dachshunds Old Fashioned Root Beer

Staring contest... GO!

This bottle of root beer features a dachshund standing proud.

Verdict - Buy Stock in the Company


Ok, maybe I got ahead of myself there.  I’m about to review a bottle of III Dachshunds Old Fashioned Root Beer… which will may be shortened to 3DRB when I don’t feel like typing out the name.  As you can see above, the label has already won me over.  The use of Roman numerals, the dachshund standing proudly, and the fact that the bottle tells me it’s “Time for a Treat”.  Label wise we’ve got a homerun hitter here.

Aside from it’s amazing label 3DRB is sweetened with cane sugar and its water has been triple filtered… so the makers show some care in their creation.  Oh!  There’s a story on the label!  Story time!

“Badger Hound”
Hunting small game is what the now popular lap dog was originally bred for.  The III Dachshunds Beer Company was founded by the proud owners of three dachshunds in Milwaukee, WI.  Our goal is to carry on the bold nature of the breed and provide quality hand-crafted beverages including beers, hard ciders, and sodas.  We hope you enjoy our root beer and please visit our website to learn more about our products.

So add a nifty background story to the sweet label art and they are on a good path.  Anywho, let’s give this a taste.

OK, so smell wise I think this is going to be closer to Barq’s than A&W to use variables most are familiar with.  I can tell it has a little bit of vanilla in it too, but overall it’ll be on the licorice side of things.  Enough chatter, let’s give it a go.

That is really the best of both worlds.  It’s frothy, licoricey (not a word), and vanilla-y (also not a word).  I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think it would taste this good.  There’s even a nice burn that lives throughout each sip.  Impressed.  

III Dachshunds Root Beer (I enjoy it enough to type out their full name) really is a great combination of flavors and mouth-feel.  The aftertaste is on the licorice side, so while I enjoy it this may be a downside for some.  Look at that dachshund though!  He has to have a name, right?  

Sigh, I couldn’t find a name.

Anywho, this was a really good root beer.  There’s nothing in my opinion that pushes this to the highest of tiers, but I definitely recommend buying multiples.

Verdict - Buy a Pack