Bundaberg Passionfruit

I don’t think I’ve ever had a passionfruit outside of a soda.  Obviously I’m not going to do the research on this, but for the sake of this review let’s just assume I’m correct.  Today won’t rock that hypothesis either as I’m going to hopefully enjoy a bottle of Bundaberg Passionfruit.  

The ingredients say I’ll enjoy it as they include real passionfruit juice and cane sugar.  There’s even a touch of passionfruit puree… which explains why I need to “invert bottle before opening”.

Tiny orange hippo was hidden by the bottle

Wow, that is a pungent soda… in a good way of course.  The escaping aroma is very rich and full of passionfruit goodness, which smells a little like a peach if you ask me.

I’m good with that.  This tastes like I’m eating a passionfruit.  Please remember I’ve never actually had one, but if I had I imagine this is what it would taste like.  It just tastes juicy.  

Along with this juicy passionfruit taste (again, think tropical peach) there’s a nice burn on the back end that reminds me I’m alive.  The almost nectar sweet taste of Bundaberg Passionfruit lives on my lips well after each sip.  It’s an enjoyable experience each time I bring it to my taste buds.  The sweetness paired with the tart burst of bubbles makes for a fantastic mouthfeel and all around good experience.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet


This soda was purchased at World Market