Petey's Bing Raz

Imagine the my luck.  I found two “Delicious...Refreshing” soda within two weeks of each other.  Of course they’re the same brand of soda, Petey’s Bing, but the flavor of the day...vor is Raz.  Being in tune with the advertising world I can tell you that Raz probably means that raspberry is involved.  A quick look at the ingredients tells me I’m right.  Both raspberry and cherry juice concentrate are involved so I look forward to my first swig.

His nose is stuck.

Smells like a candied raspberry, but thankfully not one of the blue variety.  This smells like red.  That’s a confusing sentence out of context, but you get it.

Petey’s Bing Raz just slapped my taste buds to the floor.  Raspberry flavor shows up immediately and forcefully.  It’s tart, sweet, and tangy tastes last throughout the duration of the sip.  A highly consistent beverage throughout in terms of taste, Bing Raz leaves little aftertaste on the backside and does most of it’s talking/walking up front.  

I haven’t said it yet, but I like this soda.  You don’t get many raspberry sodas with the power this one has behind it.  It’s brash and unapologetic for the tingly ride it takes my tongue on.  The only downside I can find is that the flavor wavers a small amount at the very end.  Now it doesn’t change so much that I’d retract my “consistent soda” statement, but it is a little different.

Some might find Petey’s Bing Raz a bit too pungent for the pallet.  I personally believe it’s too strong to be refreshing, but not every soda out there is supposed to refresh….oh awkward.  I just remembered the word “Refreshing” is on the can.  Ok, so it’s not refreshing in a “just went for a run let me get something to drink” sense.  Perhaps it’s refreshing in a “my mouth is dry and I just need liquid” sense.

Ah well, buy some and ignore this abrupt ending.

Verdict - Buy a Pack


This soda was purchased at Sprouts groce