Original New York Seltzer Lemon and Lime Soda

Got myself another tiny bottle of fun. Fun in this case comes in the form of a Original New York Seltzer Lemon & Lime Soda.  Last time I enjoyed a tiny bottle of ONYS I had the bizzare experience of drinking a clear root beer.  Today’s flavor, like all their others, is represented in a clear variety but Lemon & Lime is a flavor that is most often clear.

Ingredient wise this 10oz bottle houses carbonated water, cane sugar, citric acid, natural lemon and lime flavors with other natural flavors and ascorbic acid.

I really hope Twist takes care of this hippo somehow.

As I’m sure you’ve predicted here’s where I tell you to be wary of where it says “natural lemon and lime flavors” without actually saying that lemon and lime are involved.  Such a sketchy thing to me.

Scent wise a nice strong candy lime scent jumps out of the bottle.  Like a puppy the lemon aroma tags along, but is smaller than Big Dog Lime.  For those of you who know my flavor preferences you’re aware that this excites me.  #TeamLime

So the flavor is a little generic, but my first impression is that it’s better than Sprite.  Initially lime is the predominant flavor as the smell test said it would be.  This is a more subdued lime taste than I thought it would be, less candied than the scent led me to believe.  

Swiftly the flavor you’re greeted with transforms into the generic lemon & lime taste I expected.  While it’s not as bitey as 7up, of the three big “Lymon” sodas that’s the most similar.  The fact that it’s a seltzer is noticeable only in the finish.  As effectual as a fly landing on your potato salad then buzzing away is the bitterness of Original New York Seltzer Lemon & Lime Soda.  You don’t like that it’s there, but since it doesn’t linger too long it’s easy to forget.

So there you have it, a very generic citrus soda (except for that lime intro) in a cute little bottle.  All in all a good purchase, but I think I’m good with one.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle


This soda was purchased at World Market