Australian Style Hot Ginger Ale

I’m having a bad day.  Hopefully by the time this review gets posted I won’t be, but today hasn’t been the best.  I tell you this in case my mood influences this review, but I doubt it will.  The reason for my doubt is the fact there’s a kangaroo on the label of the soda I’m about to partake in.  Australian Style Hot Ginger Ale is the beverage at hand so it seems only appropriate and cliche that a kangaroo be on this bottle.  It’s a silhouette of a kangaroo so that makes it all the “artier”.  

The kangaroo means it's authentic.

All I can gleam from the bottle is that this is a hot ginger ale that’s sweetened with “pure” cane sugar.  The ingredient list is short, which normally is good, and the only thing on it that bothers me at all is sodium benzoate.  So perhaps this hot ginger ale will burn off my bad mood… or maybe hurt my mouth to the point where I forget about it.

I get little to no ginger scent from the bottle itself.  If anything it smells like printer paper.  Not exactly the scent you strive for in this situation, but the flavor may make up for it.

Nope, not really.  It has a very light carbonation which is followed by the taste of printer paper.  The printer paper has been sweetened with some sort of sugary substance, probably sugar, and then a mild burning sensation begins in my mouth.

While still very noticeable, this is the weakest “burn” I’ve experienced from any bottle that had the words “Hot Ginger” on it.  Haha, that last sentence might bring a new demographic to the site if they have a very specific “taste”.  Let’s see if we can’t increase our chances of that.

Hot Ginger

Hot Ginger

Hot Ginger

Hot Ginger

Hot Ginger

Anywho, I don’t get any ginger flavor at all with this soda and that’s ok.  “Why is that ok?” you ask.  It’s ok because I honestly feel better that this soda has limited redeeming value.

So if you want a burning sensation in your oral cavity then look no further than Hot Ginger.

For our newest viewers of the site… sorry you didn’t get to see what you came here for, but I’m sure you like soda so why not stick around.

Verdict - Buyer Beware


This soda was purchased at a Shell Gas Station