Nature’s Pure Organic French Vanilla Cola

They got me.  They got me with their stupid fancy labeling and their tiny glass bottles and their high price.  $6.55 got me four 8oz bottles of Nature’s Pure Organic French Vanilla Cola.  If that’s not the most I’ve paid per ounce it’s really dang close.  Sitting in it’s tiny ornate glass bottle with a purple label slapped on it.  A friendly, yet shy, looking lady wearing a white gown with a purple sash stands off to the side.  I can’t believe the packaging worked on me!  

Twist is in love with the lady on the bottle's flowers

That said this is a 100% All Natural Sparkling Soda and organic as well, per the bottle.  Looking at the ingredient they are correct.  It even has my favorite natural ingredient “Natural Flavors”.  Just say what they are.  If you have nothing to hide don’t hide it.  Sigh.  I should probably open this tiny bottle now.

This smells faintly of vanilla cookies and cola.  I’m not really sure where I’m getting essence of cookie, but if the flavor is strong enough this could be worth the money I paid.  

That’s unusual and pretty dang good to boot.  They seemed to have nailed the French Vanilla aspects of this cola.  It doesn’t have an overly creamy in texture or taste.  Cola is definitely the headliner of this soda.  If you saw this play you’d go home and tell your friends “Yeah, cola was good… just like we thought he would be, but French Vanilla.  French Vanilla is GOING places.  I need to look him up on IMDB and see what else he’s done.”

After I looked up French Vanilla on IMDB and quickly reminded myself that French Stewart was a part of my life at some point, I took another sip.

The play I just watched, those two actors aren’t friends.  They’re battling for the audience’s attention the entire time.  Cola comes out first and you’re happy to see him because he’s familiar.  French Vanilla immediately appears after and from that point on you don’t know where to divert your attention.  The two flavors don’t really play nicely together, but the show is entertaining none the less.  

As an aside, I believe the French Vanilla taste is reminding me a bit of coffee in each drink I take.  It’s causing just the slightest bit of bitterness to it.  Overall an odd sensation although part of me is just fine with it.

All in all I’m happy I took the chance on Nature’s Pure.  It’s a unique take on vanilla cola’s the bottle really is quite pleasant.  The only critique I have is that I wish the taste was a bit more powerful.  I want either the cola or the vanilla to resonate more instead of constantly battling vying for my opinion.

Verdict - Buy a Pallet