You know what takes up a lot of your soda reviewing time?  Life.  Well, the children portion of life seems to take up the majority of it… mine at least.  I’m sure once she can go down to the fridge and get me a soda it’ll be a bit easier to find the time, but right now we’re working on walking.  So bear with me if you would.

It's not easy being green...and being next to a can of Minta.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way it’s time to review a delicious can of mint soda.  Nothing about that sounds good at all to me as the last mint soda I had was a bit on the mouthwash side, I’m guessing this will be too.

Minta is a naturally flavored soda with the following ingredients:  Carbonated water, natural sugar, natural flavors (vague much?), and citric acid.  It sits in a precious little silver 10 ounce can adorned with mint leaves.  I’ve got to give it to them, it really does look refreshing.  Time to find out if I can judge this book by it’s cover.  

Smells like spearmint gum.  Finally I can live my dream and drink spearmint gum, said some weirdo no one talks to.  I’m being far too harsh on those that love this drink.  I think my time away has made me more Jerk than Soda.  Clearly there is a market for mint flavored sodas as Minta is doing just fine in the world without my love/hatred.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll come around and like it.

Nope.  No I won’t.  Not in the slightest. That’s even mintier than Stander.  That’s mintier than the mintiest gum.  I ate mint leaves as a child… loved them.  This is mintier than MINT LEAVES.  Why would anyone want liquid this?!  It’s hardly sweet at all and the carbonation is easily ignored due to the pungent mint flavoring.  

I’ll give them one thing, they definitely deliver on their mint flavored promise.  That said, I’ve maybe had four ounces of this and I think I’m done.  It’s a very cool beverage and every proponent of it is good, except for the flavor.  That’s a pretty big deal in the soda game.  As the saying I just made up goes, Flavor Sells.  Perhaps when I try Strawberry Minta I’ll be singing a different tune, but until then… no thank you.

Verdict - Buyer Beware


This soda was purchased at Sprouts Farmer’s Market thanks to a donation from readers like you!