I like this picture more than I should

Just when you think you have nothing to review someone goes to the Grand Cayman Islands and grabs you a soda.  Three sodas to be exact… well two sodas from Grand Cayman and one from Mexico.  The one in question today is Jupina, with a tilde over the “n” although I’m not really sure how to do that.


The labeling of Jupina involves a picture of a pineapple upon a pineapple background.  There’s a lot of pineapple involved here so let’s go ahead and assume that’s the flavor.  The ingredients show that this can has 50 grams of sugar in it.  That my friends is a bunch o’ sugar.  Other ingredients listed are standard artificially flavored soda fare.  Let’s crack the can and give it a go.

It smells a little bit like an orange pineapple mix, but I’m still thinking this is primarily a pineapple soda.  Trust me when I say I’d prefer it be orange/pineapple.  I’m not sure why you wouldn’t trust me on that, or why I even needed to say “trust me”.

That is not the color of a pineapple soda.  That is the color of a cream soda.  I’m now officially worried.

I’m no longer worried.  This is a pineapple cream soda and I’m 100% cool with that.  Pineapple cream isn’t something I’m used to, but the combo works out nicely.  In the case of Jupina though the cream outweighs the pineapple.  

This heavy cream taste keeps the pineapple’s bite at bay.  Not that a pineapple is a very violent fruit, but it’s not as tame as Jupina makes it seem.  Reaching the end of the sip you’re tapped by the grenade like fruit.  Honestly I’d compare it to someone accidentally shoulder checking you in a crowded venue.  It’s a little unexpected, but as long as you’re not a complete jerk you’ll quickly forget about it.

I can honestly say that Jupina has exceeded my expectations as a soda.  Perhaps if I could read the Spanish language I’d know it was pineapple cream, but I feel I enjoyed it more being a surprise.  

If I could change any aspect of it I’d add a bit more pineapple taste to give the end a little more violence.  The smooth cream start and bumpy end would be a nice ride for a soda to give.  

Verdict - Buy a Pack

This soda was given to my by Rasslin’ Jakit