Excel Red Cream

I'm starting to get concerned. 

Since 1936 Excel Red Cream has been in existence.  You’ve probably never heard of it, I hadn’t until I found a bottle in a gas station.  It’s still amazing to me that we can live amongst so many sodas that so many people haven’t heard about.  

The labeling for Excel Red Cream is very simple as you can see in the picture.  Almost has a “deck of cards” feel with the red diamonds adorning the side.  If you’re literate then you can see that it’s sweetened with Pure Cane Sugar as well.  Judging by the ingredients it seems they’ve paired that pure cane sugar with some artificial goodness and some good ol’ fashioned Red #40.  Mmmm Mmmm! My favorite.

Placing nose to mouth (odd, yes?) I get the definite aroma of red cream.  That mixture of bubble gum, vanilla, and mystery.  If it even tastes like an average red cream soda I’ll be happy as I’m not looking for anything spectacular today.

First sip starts with a burst of fizz, burning the tip of my tongue and quickly dissipating.  A syrupy red cream sensation rolls towards my gullet and disappears leaving a similar taste in its absence.  This is indeed an average red cream soda.

Fun beginning with a regrettable ending.  Kinda like that last relationship you were in.  Right guys/gals?  Am I relating to you yet?

What keeps this average soda from hitting the next level is primarily the syrupy mouthfeel you’re left with.  After each sip I just sit with an odd taste in my mouth wondering if I’d made the right choice.  Kinda like that last relationsh….

Verdict - Buy a Bottle

This was purchased at a Shell Gasoline Station