Honest Fizz Root Beer

Well there has been some delay in reviews as of recent and I promise you it’s for good reason.  This Jerk now has a tiny Jerk of his own to take care of.  So there’s my excuse, hopefully you’ll take it.  Now perhaps you’ll think my excuse was fabricated when I tell you the next drink I had in line was an organic, stevia sweetened, zero calorie root beer.  That’d be pretty low to make up a tiny Jerk just to postpone reviewing a diet root beer.

Don't worry, Twist told me the correct location eventually.  It's his establishment after all. 

 It worries me a bit to review this as I’ve never personally found any enjoyment out of “diet” root beer.  In fact I compare it to poison when the subject comes up.  Perhaps the stevia will add a little something I’ve never experienced before, but I’m still leery.  Oh, the name of the drink at hand is Honest Fizz Root Beer.  If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that this is the fourth Honest Fizz beverage I’ve tried with mixed results.  As long as they stick to citrus soda they seem to do alright; it’s when they dabble in the brown sodas that their weakness is shown.  Who am I to jump to conclusions though?  Let me find out for myself.

After opening the scent off the can could hold its own with any root beer on the market.  There’s nothing scary or off putting at all.  Just two nostrils full of vanilla goodness telling me I’m ready.  Hopefully  my tongue gets into the same show that my nose told just told him about.

My nose was telling a half truth.  There was indeed a “place in France where the pretty ladies dance”, but no “hole in the wall for the men to see it all”.  For half of the sip I was there in France, I was sold, I was convinced that I was in the right place.  For half of the sip it was creamy, foamy, and right up there with your major players like Barq’s and the like.  The second half of the sip is when this imagined wall came tumbling down taking its hole with it.  It went from high hopes to bowl of nopes in about two seconds. 

Now bitter and dry, pulling away any taste of creamy vanilla I had once experienced.  It’s like I’m drinking root beer flavored seltzer water.  Each time I try and recreate the first half of the sip my trip is cut shorter and shorter until I’m just standing in Paris looking like a scammed tourist.  Why did I allow myself to get scammed?  I’ve never had a good sugar free root beer.  What made me think this would be any different?  Well at least I got to see Disneyland Paris.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


This soda supplied to us by Honest Fizz