Oogave Loca Diet Cola

In front of me I have a soda made by one of my favorite companies, All-Natural Oogave.  On the same note, I have a soda in front of me that contains an ingredient that I’m not all that fond of, stevia.  Here’s the twist.  The company I love used an ingredient I’m not thrilled about and now all I can do about it is review the can of Loca Diet Cola in front of me.  First off our history with Oogave is well documented.  They were one of the first believers of this site and supplied us with many a tasty beverage.  Heck they’re the only company we’ve done a “company review” on (there was supposed to be more of those, but we got lazy).  So as I said before, we like Oogave.  Now for my beef with stevia.

Stevia, if you are not aware, is a natural sweetener that is very low cal.  Stevia is a great alternative to sugar in diet beverages, but for me and many others it leaves a disheartening aftertaste.  Any beverage I’ve ever had that was solely sweetened with stevia has not been in my good graces.  Never fear, stevia fans.  Once upon a time we stumbled upon a beverage that was “split sweetened”.  It used both sugar and stevia and the results were fantastic.  It seems that sharing the duties with a delicious sweetener was right in the wheel-house of stevia.  Fortunately Loca Diet Cola deals with stevia the awesome way.

Loca Diet Cola uses both stevia and agave nectar (an Oogave staple) to tastify their soda.  This results in a 10 calorie cola which may still leave you skeptical, but hopefully I’m about to sway you to the positive.  Aside from the sweetener, Loca Diet Cola is an all-natural beverage, but if you’re a fan of Oogave like we are that shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest.  Even though I’m a fan of their products I too still have my doubts that this diet cola is going to knock my socks off in the taste department.  I guess there’s only one way to find out.

A noticeable cola scent rises from the mouth of the can.  It doesn’t have the “chemical scent” that many diet colas have and for that I mark down a point in the “nice” column.

The first sip reveals that I will not be partaking in that dreaded stevia aftertaste today, so good for you Loca Diet Cola.  Now that my fear has been quelled I can focus better on the task at hand.  Each sip I take includes the following:  Cola flavor, club soda flavor, cola flavor.  I’m not really sure what’s happening in the middle there, but the cola flavor kind of ducks out for a second and I’m left with a curious experience.  I don’t find Loca Diet Cola as rich as other colas in taste, but that may be by design.  If I were to do a blind taste test on this beverage I could tell you that it’s a diet cola, but a good diet cola and that’s good because those are so far and few between.

The carbonation level in Loca Diet Cola is great as the bubbles are staying strong throughout, racing around my teeth and gums.  It’s this racing speed that surprises me as many Oogave sodas are lower in carbonation due to the agave nectar not getting along with the C02 molecules… more or less.  Apparently the addition of stevia allows those molecules to attach a little easier and create the very fun mouth feel I just experienced. 

Overall, Loca Diet Cola is a good diet soda and one I would recommend to anyone out there that either drinks diet beverages or is considering switching to diet beverages.  In a world where diet sodas are usually a chemical stew it’s really nice to see an all-natural, organic entry into this market.  Go Oogave!  Googave!

Verdict – Buy a Bottle


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