Maine Root - Root Beer

The Maine Root brand has been great to us with all sorts of fantastic flavors, oddly enough though I’ve never tried their root beer.  That’s like going into Red Lobster and not trying their lobster…something I’ve also never tried.  Ok, so it’s like going to Whataburger and not getting a Whataburger.  I’d love to meet the person who’s done that… then shove a Whataburger down their throat.  Thankfully there will be no hamburgers force fed to anyone in today’s review, just good old fashioned root beer drinkin’.  Maine Root Root Beer is made up of carbonated pure water, Fair Trade Certified organic cane juice and spices.  That’s all it says on the bottle and I can’t wait to drink it. 

A very rooty aroma slithers out the top of the bottle.  From scent alone I would guess this will be more about strength of taste and less about being smooth and creamy.  I’ll only unlock this unsolvable riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a bottle, once I drink it. 

Maine Root Root Beer is big on taste, but does not completely give up on being creamy.  Each sip I take has a flavor comparable to a root beer barrel, very sweet and full of delicious.  The carbonation begins as a sharp set of bubbles racing along the tip of my tongue, but by the end of the sip has transformed into a mixture of fizz and clouds.  A wintergreen taste peeks his head around the corner every once in a while, but it seem he’s too scared to really make a scene.  The aftertaste I’m left with is a pleasant one that mirrors the flavor of the beverage and not some terrible facsimile.  There aren’t many people out there wishing for an aftertaste that reminds them of what the soda would taste like through a sock and fortunately with Maine Root Root Beer you won’t know that “pleasure” unless you set that experiment up for yourself.

For all the good that goes into Maine Root products this is my least favorite of the bunch.  It’s still a good root beer that surpasses all the store brands, but other than the great ingredient list there’s nothing that really pushes it past “above average”.  You’ll be pleased you purchased a pack, but I doubt you’ll be hooked on the stuff.

Verdict – Buy a Pack


Maine Root Root Beer580.JPG

Twist is actually one of the spices used.