Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer

For the third time available in 420 years, it’s Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer by Real Soda.  While I may not always enjoy Real Soda’s selection of beverages, I can’t say they don’t take great pride in their labeling.  According to the bottle, “once you’ve had jack black you’ll never go back!”  That is unless of course we’re speaking of the actor and you’ve just watched Gulliver’s Travels.  Dead Red Root Beer is one of the few caffeinated root beers I’ve seen to date.  It’s also sweetened with cane sugar, has a touch of Brazilian Guarana and good ol’ fashioned sodium benzoate!  Thankfully the color of this root beer is as advertised, red.  How embarrassing would it have been if the drink inside wasn’t what the label claimed?  Yarr well, I guess it’s time for a review. 

There is a pleasant rooty aroma that escapes the bottle upon opening.  Beneath the bottle cap it teaches how to properly toast a bottle of Jack Black.  I say “skull” and you’ll respond with “crossbones”.  Ready!

Twist is the third incarnation of the Dread Pirate Roberts

I’ll assume you said “crossbones” prior to this sentence as I did indeed say “skull”.  I didn’t type it because the bottle cap clearly states that I say it.  The root beer itself is quite nice.  There’s a bit of a peppery kick at the end of each sip I take that shook my tongue awake.  More creamy than sharp, Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer starts off as an above average beverage and only improves as you drink it due to the use of “natural and artificial flavors”.  I really wish I knew what they were, but whatever they are it’s working.  This has the sort of spice sensation that you’d find in eggnog and since we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season I appreciate it even more.

Carbonation levels are good as they don’t intrude on the consumption experience at all.  Yes they are noticeable, but they create a fun mouth feel that will have you looking forward to the next sip.  While I am praising Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer there’s nothing about it that makes me want to buy this in droves.  The ingredient list is indeed above average and that creates an above average taste… nothing more.  So I tip my hat to you Pirate Black and recommend the Carbo-Nation do the same.

Verdict – Buy a Pack of Jack Black (I just wanted to rhyme this time)

~A(ye) Aye