Trader Joe's Vintage Cola


I don't want to sound like an advertisement for Trader Joe's, but it is a pretty fantastic place. A lot of organic and natural foods at a very reasonable price. I was very excited when we received one in the area, and more excited to see that they had a small variety of sodas under their label. 

While Trader Joe's the place is fantastic, Trader Joe's the cola, "Vintage Cola" to be specific, is not. It certainly isn't bad, but it isn't great. We'll just go with good. It has a low amount of carbonation, which I'm always a fan of, for a nice smooth mouth feel. It's just the right amount of sweet, and that's with cane sugar of course. Not surprising for a Trader Joe's brand item, but it is made with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

There are hints of spices that you would get from any quality cola, but it just isn't anything out of this world or notable, especially for a product they're selling as a premium soda at $5 for a pack of four bottles. If they really wanted to continue with the Trader Joe's balance of quality and price, I would suggest keeping the same price, but possibly offering it in a 6-pack. 

Again, there is certainly nothing wrong with this soda. I would still classify it as a "premium" cola, and higher quality than the level of most store brands. If you wish to shop exclusively at Trader Joe's, then this is a fine cola to go with, but at a place that sells Virgil's Real Cola for just $1 more, it's hard to pick this up for anything beyond one try.

Verdict - Buy a Bottle