Mega Man E-Tank

   I love Mega Man.  That’s not exactly a huge news Flash, Man.  He was there for some of the greatest moments of my childhood and now in my adultness.  If I had to rank video game characters he’d be one of the Top, Man.  With that said, I was very pleased when Carbo-Nation citizen “Ma Bla XL ‘Not the Spreadsheet’” handed me a can of Mega Man E-Tank to review.  Without missing a Beat, I grabbed it and knew what kind of review I’d be doing.  You can find this at Hot Topic for $2.99; I’m pretty sure it’s just a generic energy drink though.  I don’t know why they don’t stock higher quality drinks… it’s not that Hard, Man.  It doesn’t matter what I think though, I’m still not going to Rush through this review.  I’m going to drink it!  No Guts, Man, no glory!  This challenge shall be Met, and hopefully it won’t make me feel Wily and Crash, Man.  Alright, now that I’ve said my piece, let’s Rock and Roll!

   There, now I’ve cracked this open and exposed it to the Air, Man.  It smells like a generic energy drink, citrus, with a hint of chemical.  Alright, now that we’ve smelled it, it’s time to drink it.  C’mon you know the Drill, Man!

   Like I detected with my nose, this does have a citrus flavoring.  The two citrus flavors present seem to be lime and lemon.  It doesn’t taste like the lime and lemon flavoring you might find in a Sprite but with more of an initial punch; the flavor hits you pretty Quick, Man.  On the plus side Mega Man E-Tank does seem to have a sweeter finish than other energy drinks; it even has a pretty Light mouth feel.  Along with the sweetness, there is the sour twinge that you might get from licking something Metal, Man.  This is an easily downed beverage as it doesn’t have the nasty aftertaste many energy drinks might have.  I can’t tell yet if this will do anything, if it’ll shake my Spine, or if it’ll just give me the right amount of Spark, Man.

   So, even though Mega Man E-tank is nothing special, if you’re a fan of the Man in Blue go out and get this drink Proto, Man!  … um, I mean pronto!

Verdict – Buy a Can!


Mega Man E-Tank 460.jpg

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