Ginseng Up Kola Champagne


Who knew this was a Caribbean favorite?  The bottle says so.  This is my first experience with kola champagne.  I like cola, but I don't know about kola...champagne.  

My first concern is the brand has the word ginseng in it, so you figure that would be a key ingredient...but it's not.  It's the last one:  Korean ginseng tea, to be specific  No sodium benzoate, but there is HFCS.  Let's see how this is.

This smells horrid.  Like bad cream soda.  I'm not looking forward to this...

I'm shocked, it's actually not bad.  Fairly clean and crisp for a soda with HFCS.  It really is like a cream soda, but mild, and the tea flavor is noticeable in the background.  It's interesting, but not in a bad way.  Something unique and different.  

Verdict:  Buy a pack!