Old Town Root beer Company – Sarsparilla

   Today’s installment, also found on Popcast Episode 11, is Old Town Root Beer Company – Sarsparilla.  It’s spelled “sarsparilla” on the bottle even though Word wants me to spell it sarsaparilla.  First off this has to be one of the most generic bottle labels I’ve ever seen.  Oh look it’s font with a root beer mug.  What’s this?  The bottle cap is a solid gold color... how fancy can you get?  Oh look their website is @msn.com.  Seriously, this is one of the most boring bottles I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s like when you create a team on a video game, and you end up with a two colored clip art image of an exploding basketball/football/baseball/soccer ball/hockey puck/lacrosse ball?/Frisbee/bowling ball/badminton bird/tennis ball/curling stone/rugby ball/fishing rod.  Let’s just open this up with hopes that the aroma can woo me.

   Wow, surprisingly good aroma this drink has.  This sarsparilla has a noticeable sweet vanilla scent when you first open it.  I’d say it’s inviting, but I was going to visit regardless of the smell.  Time to drink.

   I know sarsparilla isn’t the same thing as root beer, but it’s hard for me to convince myself it’s really something else.  Thankfully this has a flavor that differs a bit from root beer… a cream soda/root beer hybrid if that makes sense.  Drinking it creates such a smooth sensation, which I would have to attribute to the vanilla, that I actually enjoy the mouth feel of this drink equal to the flavoring.  I normally like to have longer reviews, but this drink is pretty simplistic.  It won’t wow you in any way, but it’s a very enjoyable beverage.  If you see some, pick it up, it’s that simple.

Verdict – Buy a Pack!


Old Town Root Beer Company - Sarsparilla.JPG

Twist decided it was time to don his trademark hat again.  Very dapper!