Flathead Lake Monster Granny Apple


Sure, Twist doesn't usually appear in my pictures, but I had to show this chemical-filled "Flathead Lake Monster" just who was boss.

Legends live forever and are known the world over.  That's why everyone already knows about Montana's Legendary Soda, right?  You don't?  Hmm...

Well you had to have heard of the Flathead Lake Monster.  You haven't?  Not even Flathead Lake?

Neither have I.  I'm guessing that Flathead Lake is located in Montana and that there is a legend of a lake monster that, as you can see on the bottle, is so goofy looking you'd probably laugh at it instead of cowering in fear.

But we're not here to talk about monsters; we're here to talk about the lake's Granny Apple soda.  Thankfully this one isn't too bad.  It's got a nice crisp flavor that really sets itself apart from other apple sodas and does taste more like the granny variety rather than any other.  My only problem with it is the "gourmet" and "hand crafted" brandings on the front which become pointless when you look on the back and see all the chemicals. 

The sad thing is that this drink has a ton of potential.  I could have one now and then but the stickiness of the high fructose corn syrup is what puts a damper on this one.  If they replaced that with natural sugar it'd be a lot crisper and less “sticky” which would make it a real winner and possibly a rank higher if not more.

Verdict:  Buy a bottle!