Hill Country Fare - Black Cherry Soda

Back to the store brand sodas again... and this time we dabble with HEB brand Black Cherry Soda.  Same can art as all of their other soda's.  The person that designs these cans must have no incentive to be creative at all.  So far all of the HEB brand sodas have been remarkably average, so let's just get on with this shall we?

The smell is very light, and it takes quite a whiff to even detect the smell of black cherry.  Drinking now.... Ok, this is smooth... smooth to a fault... not smooth, watery.  There is no kick to this soda at all.  Even swishing it around doesn't create any extra carbonation.  It's not that it feels flat, it's that it feels like it has no carbonation at all, until you burp.  The black cherry flavor is also pretty weak, no where near the quality of an IBC brand or greater.  To me it feels like HEB wanted to make a black cherry soda, but then realized it might cost a little more than other sodas to make, so they skimped on the flavor.  Don't let me lead you to believe that this tastes badly, it tastes ok.  If you don't like a lot of carbonation or flavor in your soda, and you're a fan of chemicals... then this is the soda for you.

Verdict: Buyer Beware!