Zevia Cream Soda

Zevia.  They don’t use sugar.  They use the stevia leaf to sweeten.  They’re all natural.  They have zero calories.  They have simple but enjoyable can art.  Most every flavor we’ve tried has had a horrible aftertaste completely negating the awesomeness of the previous sentences.  With that said I’m going to try Zevia Cream Soda and hope, hope, hope, that it doesn’t follow the formula of its bretheren.

The scent is that of a cream soda so my mind has already partially forgotten about the aftertaste that I will more than likely find at the end of each sip.  If I could just enjoy this by smelling it then I’d be a happy camper up to this point.

So close.  The cream soda flavor held on for as long as it possibly could until giving way to the ogre that is the aftertaste.  As the old saying goes “once you let an ogre in your hut there’s an ogre in your hut.”  That’s not an old saying or even a saying for that matter but it still rings true in the case of any Zevia soda.  Once you taste the slightest bit of that aftertaste it just builds upon itself until it has ruined the entire experience.  The first half of each sip tastes like a decent cream soda… nothing special but nothing I’d turn down.  The amount of carbonation you experience is light but that’s to be expected with any cream soda.  I will say that the aftertaste is more muted in Zevia Cream Soda than it has been in any of the previous flavors I’ve tried.  That’s not to say that it isn’t there but that it’s much more bearable.  “Oh!  He said it was bearable!  That must mean it’s going to get a better review than the other flavors!”  Nope.  I don’t look for drinks that are bearable.  I look for drinks that are good… drinks that I can recommend to others without being chastised later.  If you can’t have sugar or you’re on a diet of some sort then this is the cream soda for you!  I agree with that statement 100% because I don’t want you to think that there isn’t a place in the market for Zevia brand sodas.  They are very healthy sodas (as sodas go) and shouldn’t be ignored just because I’m not a fan of them.  On the flip side… even though there’s a place in the market for them there is not such a place in my fridge.

Verdict – Buyer Beware


Zevia Cream Soda580.jpg

That's the closest Twist could bare to bring his tongue to the can for fear of aftertaste