Rockstar Energy Cola (Fan Review!)

Sometimes sleazy gas stations are renovated in a vain attempt to shake their rough image.  Speedo Gas is one such gas station.  Perhaps the new look will have the effect the owners are looking for, in the mean time I decide to cash in on the drink specials offered.  You may be wondering what I purchased, and Rockstar Energy Cola is your answer. 

A black can houses this so called "energy cola," and the label has a few bits of information that I think are necessary.  I am told that the can is double the size and double the strength... an ambiguous claim at best.  Okay next the label says Rockstar Energy Cola is made in America which I like, so there is a plus. Also an intellectually challenged proclamation declares: "Bigger, Better, Stronger, Faster, Rockstar, is the world's most powerful energy drink. Rockstar Energy Cola is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles from athletes to rock stars.  PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR."  I don't like this stuff already.  Also, this stuff is loaded with all kinds of ingredients to bolster energy, like caffeine, guarana, ginseng, etc. which makes me wonder how healthy it is to drink.

So I open the top and take a good long sniff.  Smells like cheap RC Cola.  So I take the first sip.  It tastes like a cheap RC Cola, but adulterated with loads of other ingredients.  The after taste that is left in my mouth is a cross between metallic and medicinal. I will say that this drink does have a good level of carbonation. I take a few more sips to be sure, and yes, this stuff just tastes rancid.  Perhaps Rockstar Energy Cola would give me an energy boost, but I'm not going to drink enough to find out.  I can't help but think that the label was referring to Color Me Badd when it told me to party like rock star.  Two thumbs way down!

Final Review:  Do not buy!  Folks there are plenty of other ways to gain a boost of energy out there without having to resort to Rockstar Energy Cola.  So don't drink the Kool-Aid folks, or in this case don't drink the Rockstar Energy Cola. 



because... because... there are rocks here... get it?